Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm getting married in the....(8 mornings from today) MORNING! =]

Oh this is fun! So I've sucked majorly and big time at the "picture blog" but I'm sitting here super bored at work and I have a lot I can post about!

I'm Marrying my best friend in 8 days!!!!!!!!!
So we are getting married on
September 1st 2011
in the Los Angeles temple at 10:30 am
So these are not our rings. Preston's is more manly looking and mine is beautiful!

This is kinda what my bouquet will look like
I'm really excited to marry Preston. I'm kind of scared about such a huge commitment and quite honestly it really doesn't feel real. I guess I always thought that when I was gonna get married I would just feel a lot differently. I don't feel grown up enough to get married. Not really. I don't feel like I've done enough planning and worrying and freaking out about the wedding as you always see on shows and "Bridezillas" and everything. I feel like I've barely planned anything! Which is kind of sad I guess. Maybe it would have felt more real if I had to freak out about feeling like everything has to be PERFECT, I haven't really cared about much....haha I've been more freaked out about the actual marriage itself than anything else! I'm just scared for that huge commitment!! I just have to keep telling myself, its Preston and he is everything I didn't know I wanted, and everything I need. He's my best friend and he matches with me perfectly. I also am mostly just worried about if I'm gonna look good on my wedding day! I just got my hair dyed yesterday and I feel like it looks super super blonde barbie play boy bunny ish. but hopefully it will calm down. I'm going to Bakersfield on Thursday with Linda, even though we probably won't get there till Friday and then my Bridal Shower (second one) is that night. Then I'll probably just be doing a bunch of stuff to clean and get ready for the reception.. and Then Wednesday next week we'll have to get our marriage license and then drive down to LA to get my endowment out and then Thursday we'll get sealed, we're staying in a Hotel on the beach in Santa Monica thanks to my wonderful Grandma, then Friday is the Reception and Saturday we're flying to Miami and staying the weekend till monday at 5pm when our cruise for the BAHAMAS leaves :) ah! I can't wait! I've never been anywhere cool! haha I can't wait to go to Miami! and I can't wait to be with Preston for a week straight!
I really can't believe its already here! then I'll have a super hot husband that I get to be with for eternity! Well I'm kind of out of things to say for now...I feel weird cause this is exactly like a journal entry and I've also discovered that I am a super boring blogger. Maybe I should just make this a private blog from now on.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

smiley faces should always be yellow.

why can't I figure out how to change the font of any of my posts anymore??!!?! uuuuggghhh!!!!!

Thought process:
I love pictures.
I suck at writing in this blog.
Writing about pictures and finding ones I like, is. easy.
**dramatic pause**
Picture of the DAY!....well more likely, ...picture of the whenever-I-get-around-to-it! Yaaayyy! and honestly since no one reads this, this is more of a way for me to save all my favorite pictures in nice and neat little posts on one little site I can access at anytime :) like an online scrapbook! Plus it will make it seem like I blog a lot! which probably isn't that cool but..I'm cool...also,I do what I want, I want to do this...so its cool.
So picture numero uno:

to me this is exactly the kinda of thing I picture in my mind when I think of my perfect day, there is a place our stake goes for Girls Camp that this reminds me of too and whenever I think of getting away and going somewhere perfect and beautiful to just be alone in nature and away from the world, I think of going to Big Meadow. And theres a song that we used to sing at girls camp that I always loved too, The Mountain of the Lord. ahhhh I can't find the lyrics anywhere!!! i'll keep looking and post when I do. Anyway this picture is awesome. I love sunsets and perfect weather.

=) <---imagine this is yellow....BECAUSE IT IS!