Thursday, May 5, 2011

smiley faces should always be yellow.

why can't I figure out how to change the font of any of my posts anymore??!!?! uuuuggghhh!!!!!

Thought process:
I love pictures.
I suck at writing in this blog.
Writing about pictures and finding ones I like, is. easy.
**dramatic pause**
Picture of the DAY!....well more likely, ...picture of the whenever-I-get-around-to-it! Yaaayyy! and honestly since no one reads this, this is more of a way for me to save all my favorite pictures in nice and neat little posts on one little site I can access at anytime :) like an online scrapbook! Plus it will make it seem like I blog a lot! which probably isn't that cool but..I'm cool...also,I do what I want, I want to do its cool.
So picture numero uno:

to me this is exactly the kinda of thing I picture in my mind when I think of my perfect day, there is a place our stake goes for Girls Camp that this reminds me of too and whenever I think of getting away and going somewhere perfect and beautiful to just be alone in nature and away from the world, I think of going to Big Meadow. And theres a song that we used to sing at girls camp that I always loved too, The Mountain of the Lord. ahhhh I can't find the lyrics anywhere!!! i'll keep looking and post when I do. Anyway this picture is awesome. I love sunsets and perfect weather.

=) <---imagine this is yellow....BECAUSE IT IS!