Saturday, July 7, 2012

Found this on Pinterest and loved it so much!

I can't wait to be a mommy and hopefully I can share some of the wisdom I've learned with my kids, this mom's list is beautiful, I would tweak a few, delete a few, and probably add a bit too but i just love this and wanted to post it day i'll make my own list...

100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

  1. Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of body.
  2. The benefit of the doubt is sometimes the best gift we can give our friends.
  3. There will always be mean girls – that doesn’t mean we find a tower and Rapunzel ourselves away from the world.
  4. Your daddy has loved you better and longer than any boy ever will.
  5. Your brothers will teach you how boys should treat you.
  6. You’re always welcome in my wardrobe.
  7. The world needs your point of view.
  8. Food is a joy.
  9. Your body is strong and capable of more than you can imagine right now.
  10. Ice cream is a love language.

  11. Cook, decorate, clean, organize because you love to, not because someone tells you you’re meant to.
  12. Music makes everything better.
  13. Dance – especially when you’re doing the laundry.
  14. You’ll never be too old for me to rock you.
  15. Nothing you tell me will ever make me want to stop hearing from you.
  16. We need your story.
  17. No prayer request is ever too small, too silly or too embarrassing to share.
  18. Washing your face every night is the best kind of beauty routine.
  19. Sunscreen – you got my British genes.
  20. Mr. Darcy and popcorn make for a perfect evening.

  21. Blue eyes really do melt hearts.
  22. Betty Crocker’s chocolate fudge is the best in the world.
  23. A good movie can change how you understand someone else.
  24. Words can build bridges between people.
  25. Home is not where we live but who we love.
  26. Gumboot dancing.
  27. Your name holds a special meaning for us.
  28. Inevitably I will splinter your heart. But we will tweeze it out together.
  29. You taught me how to feel beautiful.
  30. Staying up late to read a good book is never time wasted.

  31. Good girls aren’t boring.
  32. A great mascara is always worth the investment.
  33. 4pm high tea is one of the best parts of being part South African.
  34. The “mommy wars” are a myth; we’re all in this together.
  35. The best way never to worry about anyone gossiping about you is never to gossip about anybody.
  36. Saying sorry first is a sign of strength not a weakness.
  37. I’m on your side; especially on the days when it doesn’t feel like it.
  38. Your body is not just yours. It’s a gift for your husband. I promise it’s worth waiting to unwrap together.
  39. Sex for the first time will require a beautiful sense of humor and a partner who’s in it for life.
  40. The movies lie. Passion isn’t a contorted exercise on a marble staircase, it’s doing the dishes together and lying with your feet touching in bed at the end of a long day.

  41. Marriage is an act of courage, commitment and sacrifice. It’s also the most fun you’ll ever have with your best friend.
  42. Always fight fair. But don’t be afraid to fight.
  43. Long hair requires a really good conditioner.
  44. God says He has made all things beautiful – that includes you, my love – no matter how you feel about your body
  45. Fashion is not my forte; I look forward to learning from you.
  46. I love the curves you and your brothers added to my body.
  47. A good cry is great therapy.
  48. Christian women aren’t immune from cliques. Love on regardless.
  49. Bad hair days are inevitable.
  50. A strong man is never threatened by a strong woman.

  51. Go big even if it means failing big. Especially then.
  52. Be the friend you wish you had.
  53. Travel.
  54. You can’t control what others think about you. Let it go.
  55. A first kiss should be toasted, treasured, savored.
  56. I will be your best friend. But I will be your mother more.
  57. Your dad will teach you about music. He has the best eclectic taste.
  58. You can’t go wrong with The Civil Wars
  59. Stop for sunsets.
  60. Prince Charming isn’t a fairytale, he’s a myth

  61. Daughters teach us about our mothers. You gave me back my mom.
  62. Jesus loves you for you. Not for your ability to bear children.
  63. Husbands need a wife. Not another mom.
  64. It’s true what they say about childbirth and then some.
  65. Love waits.
  66. Patience is never wasted.
  67. Don’t just Instagram your life. Live it.
  68. Dad will be the one helping you with math homework.
  69. Don’t be afraid of a broken heart.
  70. The only thing holding you back from making a difference in the world will be yourself.

  71. South African pancakes are better than American ones.
  72. Girlfriends are the best kind of free therapy there is.
  73. Don’t be afraid to be foolish.
  74. Real life is always better than online.
  75. A good friend loves at all times. Period.
  76. Read everything written by Madeleine L’Engle.
  77. Eating too much nerds candy will be something your teeth make you regret in your thirties.
  78. I’m more interested in your growth than your happiness.
  79. I will earthquake wide open when you hurt.
  80. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it, wear it or say it.

  81. Challenge yourself.
  82. Walk across the Charles Bridge in Prague.
  83. Learn at least one other language.
  84. Cross-cultural marriage is much harder than you can ever imagine when you first fall in love.
  85. Homesickness never gets easier.
  86. But Dramamine is the perfect cure for motion sickness on 18 hour flights.
  87. We need each other.
  88. Bad haircuts grow out eventually.
  89. You will love again.
  90. The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie.

  91. Jesus loves you, this I know. In my heart, my bones, my soul.
  92. There’s no such thing as perfect.
  93. You can always come home.
  94. Nothing will make me love you less.
  95. Nothing will make me love you more.
  96. The mirror is not the boss of you.
  97. You’re the most brave when you’re the most scared and keep going anyway.
  98. Womanhood is a gift.
  99. I’m never tired of being your mother.
  100. You will always be my baby girl.

  1. You will lose your baby teeth.
    At times, you’ll lose your faith in me.
    You will lose a lot of things,
    But you cannot lose my love.
    You may lose your appetite,
    Your guiding sense of wrong and right.
    You may lose your will to fight,
    But you cannot lose my love.
    You will lose your confidence.
    In times of trial, your common sense.
    You may lose your innocence,
    But you cannot lose my love.
    Many things can be misplaced;
    Your very memories be erased.
    No matter what the time or space,
    You cannot lose my love.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Seven Miracles That Saved America

Fun and significant fact about ME!:


Some of my favorite books that I have read/continue to read are:

 1. Harry Potter. (Duh. I can't even count how many times I've read all Seven of those AMAZING books!) 
 2. Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites
 3. Twilight! (Loved the books, HATED the movies)
 4. The Children of the Promise
 5. The Hunger Games
 6. and ENDLESS Dean Koontz books, probably the majority of all the books he's written. 

to name just a few! and as you can tell none of those are nonfiction! I am very picky about books I read and if they don't draw me in within the 25 pages I usually quit them and find another one....or just resort to my favorite series, first on the list. :) I've never been a huge fan of biographies, I've tried to read a few and either they just aren't captivating enough or they are thoroughly depressing, and I don't enjoy being sad and depressed so I don't finish them. I guess somewhere in my mind I just assumed that all nonfiction books would somewhat resemble the more boring biographies I've read and tended to stay away from them...
 That is until I had a hour and a half long conversation a security guy at my work, about all of the books we've read. He, being a former military man, enjoys reading war books and biographies, I know quite a bit about many wars and leaders and history events, being that I somehow am minoring in History at UVU, so we had a lot to talk about! After hearing him describe in detail some of his favorites books I found myself captivated! Perhaps because I was bored and tired at work or maybe he's just good at talking, I know I'm good at listening! 
  Either way I had him write down some suggestions for me to read. I went to the library the next day and picked up two to get started, "Eye Deep in Hell" a book about trench warfare in WWI and "The Seven Miracles That Saved America" (this is one he told me about first because he had just started reading it). I just finished The Seven Miracles today and it was so GOOOODDD!!!!! I decided I have to tell everyone about it and recommend it to anyone who will listen!! I have always considered myself pretty patriotic, I love my country and those who fight and have fought to preserve all the freedoms we enjoy. But I know that sometimes I take for granted just how wonderful our country is! This book opened my eyes to just how blessed the United States of America is! It not only strengthened my already unshaken faith in the goodness of our God but also strengthened my love of country, and of our government for the people, by the people. It is very well written and tells of miraculous events that occurred in our nations history, without which the history of our country and possibly the entire world would be very different! I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about the history of the United States and anyone wanting more evidence on why our country really is a divinely chosen and blessed country. 

(These are a few great pages that I particularly liked that sum up the authors points and beliefs.....
I can't get them to rotate so it would probably be hard to read them just from these pictures, but I took the time to take and email them so I'm putting them on here anyway! haha)

anyway its an amazing, inspiring book! Go get it at your local library right now! or click here! and buy it! 

"We in this country, in this generation - by destiny rather than choice - are the watchmen on the wall of world freedom." -President John F. Kennedy 

Though severe storms lie before us and around us, we do not struggle through the darkness by ourselves. As the early patriot John Page once wrote to Thomas Jefferson, "Do you not think an Angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this Storm?" Indeed, we do not walk alone. - The Seven Miracles That Saved America, "Why America Matters".

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sugar Free Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

So in all my searching for a great sugar free cookie recipe approved by my taste buds, I finally perfected this one! It's delicious and really filling! And for me, saying that about a cookie, that's saying something! So if you're trying to get off sugar like me or trying to be a little healthier, these are the cookies for you! I think its thanks to these cookies I'm able to resist all other forms of delicious desserts right now! These hit the spot!!

 SUGAR FREE Coconut Oatmeal Raisin cookies!

1 cup whole wheat white flour
1/4 cup AP flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup finely chopped nuts (any kind)
1 cup quick oats (not instant)
1 cup raisins 
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 cup applesauce 
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil (I used a little less than half cup)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 little packet of Stevia or other sweetener

Combine wet ingredients first then add dry ingredients
 Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Diet Coke Keychain's!

Hello!!!!! So for anyone who knows me, you'll know that I am completely 100% in love/addicted to Diet Coke. So when I saw this DIY on Pinterest I just had to try and make them, for me and for a few friends and family members I knew share my love of this caffeinated heavenly beverage! This is a picture of her key chain....

cuuuttteee huh?! And here is my finished project! It took a few trials and errors but they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!  :) 

(This is the link for the actual inspired blogger who created this DIY Project :) Props to her!) 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a MAJOR update!

So! I've been married for almost 5 months! Crazy! It's gone by so fast, and the best part is it's been the BEST FIVE MONTHS of my life! Being married isn't at all scary like I thought, it's like having a never ending sleep over with your best friend!

We had a wonderful, amazing wedding.....

and reception.....

and an incredible honeymoon!!!!

It was all so much fun, everything I hoped it would be, aside from the fact that I did get pretty sick for awhile on the cruise :-/ but anyway, we are currently living in my in laws basement apt. for FREE! $$$$!!!! Which is the most wonderful opportunity to save money and its definitely the nicest place we could ask for in our price range, which is basically nothing. haha

In other news! Our first Christmas Holidays together were so much fun! we spent Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with mine!

and now we both have started school again at UVU. I'm taking 18 credits and he's taking 15. School sucks. And we're both working. So nights after 6:30 and weekends are my favorite because we get to hang out together :-]

Well this is the most blogging i've done in like 5 months so until next time!

whenever that may be....