About Me

hey there! i'm meaghan!

Thanks for coming to check out my blog! 
first thing you need to know, i started this blog mostly as a sort of online journal for myself to help document my life. and in a funner way then just my plain old journal! (because i'm a big journal-er!)
That being said i'd love it if i met some cool people, got some cool followers, and helped inspire or just entertain some people in our lovely world! 
so if that's you, welcome! 

i'm a Southern California girl married to the love of my life and my best friend, Preston.
i love cute notebooks, journals, scrapbooking, spending hours on Pinterest, DIY's, taking and looking at pictures, reading, fitness and being in shape, yoga, running, baking, being with my family and best friends, and traveling everywhere and anywhere!

i am pregnant with my first baby and couldn't be more excited! i can't wait to meet my little one in April 2014 and cuddle and love him/her like crazy! i am already in love with this little life inside me and the thought of being a mommy. can't wait to make the transition to motherhood and starting our family!

and last but not least, i am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. i love my Savior and the Lord with all my heart and my religion definitely defines my whole life. to learn more about what i believe click here

Thanks for stopping by! 

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