Monday, November 9, 2015

27 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along? 27 weeks!
Total weight gain: aggghhhh too much! haha second pregnancy weight is no joke!
Maternity clothes? yup! All the time
Stretch marks? Just the one from last time
Best moment this week: uhhh...the weekend cause Preston is home
Miss anything? Not being sick, being able to sleep on my back or stomach! Working out, feeling good enough to want to get out of the house, feeling good enough to play with Jaxson.
Movement: All the time! Mostly if I'm laying down
Food cravings: This whole pregnancy I've been craving salty foods, and earlier on, spicy food. Compared to being pregnancy with Jaxson, I crave sweet things a lot more this time.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Ugh sick all the time! Don't throw up as much anymore at least but I'm nauseous ALL. THE. TIME! I thought it'd be better by now cause it wasn't as bad in the beginning as it was with Jaxson and with Jaxson I was feeling better by now! Wish I would just get over feeling nauseous 24/7!
Gender: It's a girl! So crazy! I've been in all boy mode for the past two years it's weird to think I'm gonna have a baby girl in less than three months! And man baby girl names are hard to choose! Still need to find one!
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Nauseous all the time, still throwing up some days, legs cramps constantly, and sleeping terribly!
Belly button in or out?: Out
Wedding rings on or off? : On
Happy or moody most of the time: eh, feeling kinda moody lately haha just sick of being sick!
Looking forward to: Christmas!! Going to Bakersfield, my little sister Jenna getting home from her mission December 15th! and not being pregnant anymore! Meeting my baby girl :) 

Halloween Fun 2015

This Halloween was probably the best one ever, all because of our sweet little boy. He was the funnest, funniest, CUTEST little thing to watch trick r treat ever! Me and Preston were prisoners and Jaxson was a policeman. Or as I called it “Partners in crime and the officer who grounded us for life!” haha. So our first Halloween activity was a costume party with Preston's family, and Jaxson was terrified of the hat on his costume for some reason. He would scream if it even came near him. Crazy kid. But then on actual Halloween, we took him to the mall to go trick r treating there and we told him if he wanted treats he had to keep his hat on, and it actually worked! He was so excited that everyone was putting candy in his little pumpkin (or as he calls it, “buh-gah!”) he was so happy and he wouldn’t let me or preston hold his pumpkin for him when it started getting full and heavy. we would ask him, Jaxson are you getting lots of treats?! And he would shake his head yes so vigorously lol he was so cute. We also went trick r treating with Preston's sister Kelsie and her kids after that. He loved it all so much the next morning he went and got his costume and tried to put it on to do it all over again!