About us

Preston and I met through mutual friends in 2010 
we had our first date October 17th 2010
we got engaged July 18th 2011 
and were married for time and all eternity
 in the Los Angeles Temple on 
September 1st 2011

we are a very laid back couple in that we love to stay at home together, 
cuddling, watching new T.V series, eating good food,
 or playing games (like our epic monopoly deal tournaments!)
but we also love going on day drives, hiking, going to NBA basketball games, 
window shopping, hanging out with friends and family 
and traveling to new places as often as possible!

one thing i absolutely love about our relationship is we never have gotten into a fight. 
honestly! we may get bugged or annoyed at each other but when it comes to our relationship we have learned (preston has been the best example to me) to put aside our pride and forgive quickly, always knowing that our love and respect for each other out weighs everything else.

i can say with complete certainty that God brought preston and i together. 
i couldn't have dreamed up a better husband and best friend.
he is one of the best, sweetest, honest, humble and hardworking people i know
 and i thank Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to be with him for eternity!

he truly is my better half and i know that we help make each other better people. 
i can't wait to start our little family together, bringing out kids into a family full of 
lots of fun and lots of love!

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