Thursday, January 21, 2016

37 Week Update

Sooooo this pregnancy I've taken way less pictures than I meant to! I knew I didn't wanna do as many as last time but I still planned on taking some...yeah didn't really happen! I don't know why! I guess the second time around it all seems kinda, been there done that. And it doesn't help that I still feel pretty crappy every night and throw up multiple times a day still! Yeah my pregnancies are ROUGH! No bueno. Like, seriously debating having a third kid, even though 2 kids just doesn't seem like enough...sigh. Anyways on to the update!

How far along? 37 weeks! only 10 more days! Getting induced a week early on February 1st! Wooooooooooo!!!!!
Total weight gain: about 35 pounds! But on the bright side i haven't gained any in the past few weeks! So since only a week left looks like this pregnancy I gained a total 35 pounds which is not bad :)
Maternity clothes? yuuuup! 
Stretch marks? Oh man. I didn't use any kind of special lotion this time cause I didn't get any last time, but man was that a mistake! I've gotten a ton around my bum and thighs! and another one by the one I got last time on my side. Suuuckkksssss
Best moment this week: Just playing with my sweet little boy and any time with my man. I just love those two! Jaxson is so much fun and so cute, I just love watching him learn and grow! I'm really taking these last few weeks to just enjoy it being me and my little boy while he's still my only baby.
Miss anything? Not being sick, being able to sleep on my back or stomach! Working out, feeling good enough to want to get out of the house, feeling good enough to play with Jaxson and run around with him. 
Movement: All. the. time. 
Food cravings: Just random things, nothing in particular these past few weeks. Mostly just hard to find things that sound good. It's usually nothing sounds good ever. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still throwing up almost every day, multiple times. Seriously so lame. Only 10 more days of feeling like crap!
Gender: It's a girl! And we finally decided on the name Alexi Grace. And we're gonna call her Lexi :) 
Labor signs: My appointment on Tuesday I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced. Tons of Braxton hicks contractions lately as well. 
Symptoms: Nauseous most the time, still throwing up, legs cramps constantly, and sleeping terribly, cant move without feeling like I'm gonna pee, can't breathe, well cause she's always kicking so far up in my lungs/stomach it feels like. Feel like my stomach is gonna pop haha
Belly button in or out?: Out so far out.
Wedding rings on or off? : On
Happy or moody most of the time: was feeling pretty PMS-y last week, not as much this week, just anxious and impatient to not be pregnant anymore!
Looking forward to: not being pregnant anymore! And of course meeting and snuggling my little girl, but honesty mostly just looking forward to not being pregnant! I'm scared for the painful post birth body/ beginning of breastfeeding pain/ sleepless newborn stage and all that. Not gonna be fun. So i'm really trying to enjoy the next 10 days but I'm just so sick of being pregnant. sigh. catch 22.