Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Have A Dream...

Hello!! So today at work I watched Mamma Mia! for a much needed reminder of how much I LOVE this movie! and ABBA, and all of the songs! Its So. Dang. Good!!! But Preston hates musicals so I had to wait and watch it by myself! But it was worth it because the songs are amazing and remind me of my mom and growing up! Plus I just love the way they did this movie!
And I love Amanda Seyfried! She's so freaking cute, is a great actress and has an amazing voice!
Not to mention that it's set in Greece and I want to go to Greece so freaking bad!!
*Sigh* ...but anyway the main reason I'm making this post is because even though I love all the songs, today the song "I have A Dream" really stood out to me for some reason and I really wanted to make a picture for the lyrics that I could set as my background :) So I did....

And I couldn't decide on just one pretty I did two!

Which one is best? I just love these lyrics and looking at this everyday on my background I think will help inspire me to chase after my dreams, which right now all revolve around traveling this beautiful world! Wish me luck! And to my (not so many) followers (if any! haha) good luck achieving your dreams :)

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