Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here come the blog posts explosion! I'm gonna be a Mommy!!!!!!

So I haven't been writing in this blog at all this year! Mostly because I'm O.C.D and suck at being a blogger. But I want to keep this at least a little updated! And I found some great inspiration to do a weekly pregnancy update, but first I have to announce, I'm PREGNANT!!!! :) We found out, or got our BFP (big fat positive, in blogger lingo) on July 28th! I started feeling deathly ill on my birthday a few weeks later August 9th (when I was six weeks along) and have been SO nauseous and throwing up so much that I had to quit my job! So basically for the past three months I've been living on my couch! But! This week I'm finally feeling a little normal again! I'm still taking Zofran but I haven't been as nauseous at all this week and I haven't thrown up once!!!! Wooooooo!!!! I thought it would last forever!!! And lets be honest, three months of throwing up all day everyday? Needless to say I was sure this would be an only child. Yeah don't think I'll be getting pregnant again for awhile! But it will all be worth it April 5th, 2014 when we get to meet our little baby! So i'll write more about my pregnancy and symptoms and all that great stuff in later posts, now I want to show off our announcement pics!

Oh! So when I took the pregnancy test, I came out of the bathroom to tell Preston and he was sitting on the couch:
Me: Babe!!! I'm Pregnant!!!!!
Preston: (Looks up suspiciously) Wow...really...? That's cool babe....are those things ever wrong?
Me: *kisses him* aren't you excited!? I'm PREGNANT!!!! we're gonna have a baby!!!! *runs into my room to call my family and Reagan and Linda* (who all celebrate with me a lot more enthusiastically then my husband did btw!) 

Haha in Preston's defense he was just really worried about health care and money and everything. He was excited, and after I got off the phone he hugged me, and he's been wonderful and supportive and appropriately excited ever since. That's just how he is, my silly man. 

Anyway so there's my little big update! Look out for many many many pregnancy related posts to come! 

Maybe i'll become a blogger now with all my free time!! ;) 

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