Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh you silly Utah people

Can we talk about how retarded Utah drivers are? Or maybe just Utah people in general? Okay maybe not...all....Utah...people...(that was hard for me to say), but seriously, why do people find it so difficult to operate an automobile? How did these people get their license in the first place? How do they suck at life so badly!? so fun fact about Meaghan. I have an extremely not even bad, extremely awesome case of road rage. :) haha okay its pretty bad.
It is rare that I drive somewhere and don't end up shaking my head in sheer amazement at the idiocy of these people or when its really bad cussing out another my head of course...;) and honest to goodness the majority (given not all) but the majority of the stupid drivers I have encountered have been from the lovely state of Utah. As if all the annoyingly naive, excruciatingly peppy girls and the arrogantly ignorant guys (more about that later trust me!) aren't enough, 85% of people in provo/orem also suck at driving. And not even just driving, but doing anything that involves a vehicle! At my chevron I've had 3 people drive away with the gas pump still in their car, many who are completely lost on the concept of prepaying for gas, and the act of even pumping their gas. And just today, some lady managed to spill about 12 gallons of gas on the sidewalk! Perfect. haha (please note this really is me being cynical and I do mostly just think this stuff is hilarious!)
I really don't like driving long distances when someone else is driving, because in my head I judge everything they do I can't help it! Haha I'm so kind :) everyone I drive with is gonna get a complex now! ha. kidding. It's not all the time only when I don't have anything to distract me....
I LITERALLY can't stand the people: that don't know how to drive the speed limit, or appropriately over the speed limit, who think that to yield means to stop completely in the middle of an on ramp (that mostly happens in Texas) who don't know how to merge, who refuse or just don't move the F out of the fast lane when someone is behind them going faster, who pull out in front of someone or cut them off, who drive slow until someone tries to pass them and then speed up to, well lets be honest, just to be a moron! and all the many other completely and utterly, mind blowing-ly stupid things people do. Would you do the people who aren't mentally incompetent, a favor and stay off of the dang road!

haha reading back on that I kinda sound like a really big jerk, I really don't like wanna kill everyone that doesn't know how to drive it would just be nice if everyone was as good of a driver as I am :) ;)

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