Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a few things on my mind tonight!


I hate being addicted to things
"So you better hide yo sisters, yo mom and yo cousins!!!..." hahaha
I miss my mom and dad
I miss being 17 that was such a good year!
I hate having to renew licenses
Paying for stuff sucks
I can't wait to move!
I miss playing the piano whenever I want
my painful backflip on the rope swing today!
Alpine rock slide today!
Cafe Rio
Pilates tomorrow
I want unlimited Monster energy drinks. All the time.
I wish I was shorter.
I've decided I really don't like being single.
I hate having to shower and do my hair to go out somewhere
I wish I had more confidence
I wish I didn't care so much about somethings....lots of things.
If I could say what I really wanted to all the time, I wonder what would happen.
I'm pretty cool. haha. ....but really.
MOST utah girls seriously bug me.
I hate Owl City. and whiney boy bands. (it had to be said.)
I want to go to bed.
I wish I hadn't left my car at his house dang it!
I think I may be bi-polar...ish. ha!
I miss a lot of people.
I wish I could control my thoughts!!!!!!
why do people have to be so stupid?
I want some coke.
This is me at about 17 such a good year!!!! man...

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