Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm moving soon!!!

Hi!! So can I just say i'm way super excited to move into my new place this month! And i'm pretty happy to be out of apartments. I'm kind of sick of Provo right now and Utah in general!, I was getting pretty antsy, contemplating moving out of state all last month but I decided I shouldn't run away again! Consequently I'm way excited for this house and my roommates are way laid back and fun girls! it'll be a good change and to get away from lots of things I want to forget! I'm also excited that my brother gets back this month! He's definitely one of my favorite people and one of my best friends, I can't wait to hang out with him again! So today I did another Zumba class which was fuuuunnn! I do wish I had someone I know in the class with me though. Cause I constantly just wanna start laughing because I feel retarded! but I can't cause no one else is laughing! (Reagan where are you when I need you homegirl!!) But its all good, and then I went and ran on the treadmill which is...not so fun but I was listenin to some Dr. Dre and other good pump up music so that always makes it better. also there was a way good looking guy on the treadmill behind me so it gave me more motivation ;) I'm not gonna lie, hot guys are often the cause of my motivation...speaking of guys, can I tell you about the best and worst pick up line I had used on me last week? so there I was getting some gas for my little ghetto car and these two guys at the next pump go, "Hey baby, whats your grade? whats your grade?"(Pointing to the different grades of gas) ha! I just looked at them and shook my head, I may have giggled a little bit too. but Really what can you say to that? Has that worked for you before buddy? You should probably just drive away now. Okay lets be honest, I secretly really like corny pick up lines, I like to know that people have some confidence, it makes me want to have more confidence! So thanks you boys, I may just use that line someday... ;)

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